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During her childhood, Silke always enjoyed creating crafts and drawings. Unfortunately, she was denied formal art education as a young girl. She often
spent time in the mountains, where nature’s beauty struck her even then.


Her initial exposure to (analog) photography came in 1994 through Krist Demasure †. After that, she had a long search for herself. It took her years to find a means
of expressing herself, her thoughts and her vision. But throughout this quest, photography remained a constant. In 2015, she started a digital photography course. In June 2023 this culminated in a graduation project centered on the search to
find her biological father.

For her, vulnerability in photography is the driving force of connection - it unites us all. She likes to preserve memories, let peoples express themselves,
and understand the world from different perspectives through images.

A visual thinker leans toward images over words and concepts, the same applies for her. This is why she like photography so much as a potent form of communication. Although she sees language as a beautiful art form, articulating herself through words often poses a greater challenge.

Even without a camera, she captures moments in the midst of daily life that have beauty, a radiant light, a subtle detail, a fleeting moment of happiness where the everyday becomes special. And this without always wanting to explain it.

Amidst all of this, she is on a quest to discover the artist within herself and to find her distinct place in the world.

As a slightly older mother, she is still devoted raising her two children -
a project that remains the most beautiful one of her life.


In addition to this, she also work as a social worker at Violett Ghent, which provides medical and social assistance to sex workers.

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