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At the age of fifteen, Silke learned that her father was not her biological father. This marks the beginning of a quest to uncover the roots of her existence
that was only completed more than thirty years later.
Three years ago, after her mother’s passing,
she undergoes a DNA test that leads her all the way to Algeria.
It becomes a search filled with both rejections and embraces,
bridging not only the geography but also the culture of the country.
Her struggle and patience finally pay off when, after an intense two-year search, she find her father and close family in Belgium.
However, she arrives too late. Her father passed away in March 2020.
What she takes from her quest is a new family that provides her with much
love and acceptance.
Their stories reflect memories that gradually bring her father back to life.
Yet, at the same time, she grieves for everything that has been taken for her.


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